Monday, February 6

15 days of Chinese New Year

Got to see my cousins all the way from Penang.
Had Chinese New Year Eve dinner. OHMYGOSH, LAP CHEONG.
Was debating whether to go to Malacca to sleep or sleep at Gemencheh. Chose Gemencheh because it's a tradition! I love traditions. And no Internet connection is actually nice.

Spent 1st day in Malacca.
My baby cousin forgot to record Arsenal versus Man U game! :(
Mother sort of ruin the first day for me.

It wasn't my idea to go get crepe cake, I just offered to show him which row the bakery is.
And it wasn't my idea to use the car. What's wrong with using our car? Selfish btch.
Forever blame on me. Can la; forever hate you, kk.

2nd day, also ruined by her. Ohmygoodness.
My 22 y/o cousin came in and said "Faster, want to go out or not." I honestly thought he already told the adults which they are ALL DOWNSTAIRS CHILLING. So my baby cousin and i went downstairs to wait. My mother shouted at me why didn't I ask her if I could go out. I thought she knew, and I don't think I need permission because I'm going out with my cousins.
Chinese New Year is one of my favorite festive season.
Totally ruined my day. Ugh.

I had the worst tummy problem. I don't even know what was causing it. Anyway we went back to Gemencheh that evening. Check my tummy up at the deserted hospital and went back to the house to find out my uncle's car key was locked in his own car! Poor thing. All was fine in the end.

3rd day
Went back to PJ. Had Chinese New Year dinner at Zoe's. Food was good! Got to see all the crazy Tan(s). They all so cute la!
Zoe left some liquor for me. So nice. <3
I could feel my luck was there so I gambled.
ALL THE ADUTS SO NOISY. Think I don't know how to gamble. :(((((((
Please, I can be a gambler if I want to. Like the dude in Green Latern, I can make the green suit appear anytime I want.
Anyway, Zoe finished her money and so I gave her 1 ringgit to help me play and from that 1 ringgit we earned a stack of cash.
What a lucky night.
I was also Uncle Cheok's personal sommelier. He gave me a stack of 1 ringgits as tips. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
Zidane slept over at my place.

4th day
A day out with Erin and Catherine. It has been along time since we last hung out.

5th day
Went to 拜年 with my beloved high school class mates. <3 Love them.
At night, went drinking with some friends. Slept over at Maybelle's.

6th day & 7th day
Edwin's open house and lunch with Ji Peeehhhh.

Chill day. Watched some movies and the latest episode of Gossip girl. Ohmygoodness, what an episode. Shit breaks. No shit.

A day with daddy. Went to a couple of colleges. Sunway was one of it. To show him the culinary course. Their cert's from Le Cordon Bleu!

10th day
First day of MSSD basketball.
Min Hui came around 7:30am to pick me up because some girl is playing that early. Pfft, what stuffs we do for girls.
We tried our best to avoid Mr shit Wong. Mr Mah an Mr Bong didn't even care.
My high school's Under 15 girls won some other school 127 to 16. NO SHIT.
I think that's the best score so far. LOLOLOLOL.

11th day
Suppose to go back to my high school with Tinjan and Erin but they couldn't wake up. HAHAHAHA. Ended up baking cupcakes. It turned out good.
YA KNOW WHHHYY? Nobody was home.
Nobody to make noise or nag me. It was blissful. <3

12th day
Last day of MSSD.
Went back to watch with 2 different sets of friends.
OHMYGOODNESS U-18 BOYS FINALS WAS GILA STRESSFUL TO WATCH. Won by 2 points only. Last year's batch was so much better. Very entertaining with all the gila skills.
Anyway, my high school won all 4 categeory.
My other bunch of friends went home and i went to OU for lunch with Tinjan and Boon. Dined at Dave's Deli.
It has been a LOOOONNNGGG time.
Window shopping came after. SO FUN.
Tinjan: "This is nice; quality time with friends." AWWW. <3

13th day
I remember Whatsapp-ing Erin a lot.

14th day
SLEEPOVER AT CATHERINE's with Danielle and Erin. :DDD
Watched Underworld and went to find Darren whose working in Parkson. He didn't even need to care being caught slacking. Slacker.
Went shopping for a while then back to Catherine's to chill before the game start.
DANIELLE SAID SO MANY FUNNY STUFFS. ohmygoodness, I miss her! xx

15th day
Ugh, I don't wanna talk about the game. So annoying.
Man U could have done better and Man U's second penalty doesn't count actually.
ALL THE PEOPLE WHO BLAMED ON DE GEA, SHAME ON YOU. HE'S A GREAT GOALKEEPER. So what if he didnt show any good performance the first half. No one's perfect and he's so young!
After draw say "Ohhh De gea so awesome." Go die la please.
Okay, I just talked about the game.

Erin came at 2:40am. LOLOLOLOL. we talked for a while then went to sleep. Went back home after noon and napped before going to Alvina's open house which was great.
Spend most of the time in Alvi's room karaoke-ing and just hanging with Erin and Maybelle while Alvina and the boys were gambling downstairs. So cute la both of them.
Then slowly some of the guys came up to join us. It was fun.
Had to go home at 10:30. -.- Kinn Lian could have sent me home.

It was quite an awesome CNY.

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