Saturday, February 18

Midnight in Paris.

Just finished watching Midnight in Paris. Directed by Woody Allen.
Simply wonderful.
It was witty and the protagonist got to meet the people he idolizes in his 'Golden Age'.

Though, in the movie towards the wasn't fulfilling. There were parts I thought that wasn't complete.

'According to Turan, “Allen is saying: Pay attention — this is a special place, a place where magic can happen.”'
on the 3 minutes and 41 seconds postcard-view montage of Paris.

One of the places I really want to visit is Shakespears & co which was also shown in the movie.
Food could be overrated but never will books.

Overall, I love the film.
Rain check: To watch The Exterminating Angel and The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.

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