Saturday, March 3

I Heart Yogurt


Blogging from work. Finally met my colleague, Steven. He pronounces my name AMANAH. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that's what my grandma used to call me. According to my uncle and aunties of course. Aunty Jackye still calls me Amanah. Sometimes. And silly Dane picked it up. I like all of my nicknames including Amandog. I really like that name. Not like I like calling dog but first 4 letters of my name goes perfectly with dog.

Ouh, apparently Steven is from Miammar. I don't know how to spell that. WOOLUULULULULULUL.

So dim sum breakfast with my high school classmates were canceled and I had no transport to work for my parents are out stationed. So I had to take a cab here and Milo and biscuit wasn't enough so I had some bakery goods.

2 hours of work pay gone in an hour.
After finishing 1 month of work, I'm gonna take myself to go shopping. 400 to spent. I hope my boss give me bonus. I love bonuses.

Myanmar! I hope that's correct.

I'm hungry.

Things to do:
Get my forecast result,
Take my IELTS,
Medical check up.

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