Monday, March 5

I sense no intelligence.

I get to go out from 7am to 7pm but I'm not allowed to go out for coffee at 10pm for 2 hours? Yeah okay, that's reasonable.
So sorry bro. I would understand if it's KL but we're going around PJ.

I wouldn't even give a shit if I was killed. I would be happy to die. Don't have to give in to any more crap this world can offer.

Finally someone asked me out and I had to say no. Now they are somewhere out there hanging out.
I doubt they'd ask me out anymore.
Sad face times a million.

This is why I have no social life. Even if how much fun people claim I am. But after awhile, people get sick and tired of asking and getting rejected.

I waited for 2 hours plus for a frigging video to load and I had to move here and there because of the bunch of idiots I live with.
The computer died on me.
Everything is useless.

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