Tuesday, March 27


So I've got 2A for Spm and I was already satisfied and happy. I was over joy when I found out i got A+ for English.

My whole last 2 years of high school, never once did I get A. Not even A-.
My lung wood English teacher(she is not worth calling a teacher) is piece of shit.
No shit.
Even LP Mr Wong always give me A. Form 2, 4 and 5, I have never gotten an A. Maybe an A- once. That's all.
AND ROZITA IS SUCH A HYPOCRITE. We are not allowed to speak any other languages - except for Eng - except for her.
Bro, nak ajar English, cakap atau marah dlm English la, bro.
UGHH, so annoying and she don't give back the exam paper until a month later.
I always check when she gives back. Not for the marks but for the sake of improving my English.
Bugger didn't mark nicely.
Whatever bro. Ugh, my grudge on my lung wood Eng teacher will be forever.

3 months of subsituting that lung wood Rozita.

Anyway, there are people with 4 As and above who are not happy with their result. Such crap they're giving themselves. You've work hard and you've rewarded with the great results. Stop being so hard on yourself.

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