Tuesday, April 10

Froot loops.

I'm done working. What a nice place with nice people. On top of that, no females. :D

My last day of work was at my boss' church event. What a nice place with nice people. I like all those friendly ladies.
The froyo machine didn't work so we ended up selling cereal with toppings like fruits or biscuits.
And I also encountered many dumb bitches. One of them, she was pretty and sweet but whatever came out of her mouth sounded dumb. She couldn't decide what she wants so she sniffed the cereal. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH. HIGHLIGHT OF MY WEEK. Ridiculous.

And some man asked my boss does it melt?
'Mashmellow in cold milk.' DIEEEEEEE. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. My boss laughed out loud. I had to control myself.

Sigh, I'm already stupid enough. And I have to - sigh.

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