Saturday, May 26


T minus 58 hours.
I am not fully packed yet because I don't know why.

Traveled by myself to Singapore to collect my Visa.
Some boy brought his parents with him to apply for the Visa.

Every toilet has tissue paper.
And I didn't know how to cross the street because there was only a zebra crossing after 500m.
In Malaysia, pedestrian crossing monkeys are everywhere.
No drinking or eating in the train. Fine of 500 dollars.

I had some disgusting beef noodle soup. Forced myself to try to finish it because it was 12.15 ringgit.
I was pretty close to puking in it. Don't know why don't I remember much stuffs.
I used to go to Singapore a lot. My aunt lives there.
But the last time I went was in 2008. Went with the Tan Cult.
It was so much fun!
If only Zoe and Ing could go with me, thn I could have went to Universal Studio. :(

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