Saturday, May 19

Justin Bieber boyfriend.

Just bought a pair of sneakers from the MOST ODD place ever, I'd say.
I had some stuffs to buy and my dad decide to bring me go shopping for the ever first Giant.

Didn't say anything first. Until I couldn't find anything in the chambers of Giant.
I was like "daddy! Why dowan go OU? I buy all my shit there. It has everything."
He said Giant has everything
Memang real Cina man.

Then we found some shoe shop outside. Within the perimeter of Giant and out of the chambers of Giant.

He saw this pink sneakers he like FOR ME. I love pink but it was hideous.
There was this cute Nike loafers he wanted me to get. He said "I think you should get the loafers. It's nicer than the sneakers. Can wear it with dress and anywhere."

I DIEDDDDDDD. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. how would an old China man know anything about fashion. So cute.

Anyway, settled down with a pair of Converse.
Dad chose the colour. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Wanted to get red.

My mother scolded me for not buying it in OU. 'CAN EARN POINTS!'
I told my dad d. But he doesn't care.
Couldn't find nice flats in Giant and no good earphones.
So I have to go to OU to purchase it.
If only we went to OU.
It has everything.

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