Friday, October 12


Today, my girlfriend was in dire need of sanitary pads because she left them in another bag and her friends didn't have any with them. So, i decided it's time to play a part in trying to make her feel better during this disastrous week of constant bleeding and not just keep telling her "It's okay, It's alright.. It's fine"

Before going to Watson's, i went to withdraw money and took out like RM150, expecting each pack of pad cost around RM40. I went to Watson's and walked for like 2 rounds, and i just can't find that little section for sanitary pad. So, i went to this guy worker and asked him about it.

Me: Bang, mana letak itu pad? *with extremely innocent face*

Guy Worker: * Pad? Apa pad? iPad ah? tak da jual kat watson's la sayang... (I swear he's flippin' gay when he said 'sayang')

Me: -___________-

And he proceeds to call his other female colleague to assist me.

And, my girlfriend educated about how pads has 'wings'... and wings to me, means flying. So this is what i said...

Me: Kak, mana yang tak boleh terbang? Girlfriend saya tak nak yang wings punya.

After hearing me say that, all she did was laughed and laughed... and laughed.. and laughed.. (what a bitch)

So after choosing everything (like not having wings, the length, and the non-night ones), i went to the counter.. and right before i paid. I wanted to ask if this is like sanitary pads, or panty liner. But i thought they didn't know what are panty liner.. So this is what i asked,

"Kak, yang ni tuala perempuan nipis ke tebal?" She looks at me with a lost face and... guess what i did? :D

I took out a sample of panty liner from my wallet and showed her(dont bother asking how i have it with me), and then asked her if the one i'm buying was a legit pad, or a wannabe pad called the panty liner.

"AMBOIIII, yang itu, panggil panty liner, bukan tuala perempuan nipis. HAHAHAHAHA" was her reply, and yet... i made a fool out of myself.

Finally, when i decided to pay, i didn't dare to look at the cash register considering the amount of pads i was buying, i was expecting it to be around RM50 or so but it came out to be RM5.70 -___________-

Fun day!

And to those who are going to judge me, REAL MEN BUY SANITARY PADS.
That's from my friend who is a total barbarian. I guess he has changed since 12.
Too sweet.

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