Wednesday, October 17

Michael Choi.

He's Korean. He's really sexy. It's hard to find a sexy chef. Chefs are meant to be well...not hot.
Sexy Mike bites his nails when he's casually worried and he did the bimbo style "oh no" thingy when he mouthed the f word. HAHAHHAHA OMG TOO CUTE.
He asks us to make ourselves some food too. Really cool guy.

So he found out about his nickname that I gave him yesterday and omg it was so embarrassing.
I was taking some stuffs out of the fridge and when I closed the door, he was standing right in front of me, leaning with one hand against the fridge and one on his hips. IT WAS SO SO SO SO HOT.
He asked me, "Amanda, what is my nickname". My heart couldn't stop racing and all i see was 2 damn classmates laughing from the other end of the kithen.
I couldn't stop laughing when Lee told him it was Sexy Mike.
Apparently my classmates asked Sexy Mike if he knows his nickname and they sent him to find me. I could feel my face going really red. A holes...
Sexy Mike likes his sexy nickname. HAHAHAHAHHA.
Honestly it was such a good laugh.

Chef Kevin says that girls from other classes gaves him names too.
If Magic Mike needed an Asian guy, it would be Sexy Mike.

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