Wednesday, October 17

Production Kitchen.

Production kitchen had been so much fun.
Pretty bored of it already but overrall, it was pretty rad.
I have 4 chefs at the moment and 3 of them are often together in the kitchen. One of them is really sexy. Sexy Mike is real cool. Along with Chef Kevin and Chef Jan. Chef Matt is just wtf.
The other half of my class doesn't get Sexy Mike. HAHHAHA SHAME!!

Chef Jan is always tripping. Always going about how pretty her daughter is and what she would(or brought) her daughter country to.
Chef Kevin has several Pokemon tattoed on him. One of it is a Magikarp. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Had to go to another class today cuz I isn't feel good in the morning and I had my class chef, Chef Robert. He was telling me something and I got it but he kept talking as he walked away and Fady came up to me and asked "what is he talking about?" and I told him "Nahh, don't know bro. Man's trippin". Fady almost literally ROFL.
All of my chefs are such trolls.

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