Monday, November 26

Bang Bang - Dalida.

I care too much about others' feelings rather than mine. I hate that. I wish I'm a ruthless asshole rather than getting my heart heartbroken or being pushed around and getting taken advantage of.

Side track;
Arthur's the only person I know that said - and I'm paraphrasing - "I'm ugly and there's no point in denying the truth." and actually meant it.
I've heard countless times of IM SO UGLY from people and they are just saying it because they want comebacks of 'Oh no, you're pretty' or they were being humble.
But Arthur meant it and it breaks my heart because I actually do understand what it feels like and he shouldn't feel that way.
I wish I showed emphathy on my face when he said that but I'm not so good with comforting or sharing solace with one anymore.

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