Sunday, December 9

Busy week.

So I gained back most of my unecessary fats in less than 4 days and that's cuz I haven't been getting much sleep. Can't blame me, insomnia to the max. I feel like a walking lard. Now I have a belly and am hoping it isn't a beer belly because it's vile and untolerable.

Wednesday and Thursday 6 hours each day in the kitchen, luckily I had a drink with the boys. I needed to chill. Friday is cleaning day and I had work at night. Today is laundry day and then work at night, again.
Since Wednesday, I only had approximately 30 hours of sleep? Had to wake up early to go help out at a Rubik's Cube competition. David is participating.
I'm just exhausted honestly. Work is always packed with people and whenever I'm in the house, I need to do heaps of house work or anything seriously JESUS CHRIST LET ME DIE ALREADY WHAT THE FUCK.

I'm sorry I said His name in vain.

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