Saturday, December 1


Jade's resting her head on my foot. I don't know if she's snorring or purring but it sounds ridiculously cute.

So I had a trial at some Jap restaurant and was driven home by the boss. LOL. He had one too many drinks to drive but I can't give a shit and he's such a lovely man. Caucasians are the bomb. He said grab any drink from the fridge and I took a bottle of Asahi. I didnt care if they judged me CUZ I NEEDED IT OMG. There was at least 50 ppl in the karaoke room and they were partying and it made me miss my fun friends. Well that wasn't the reason I needed that drink. I just needed a drink.
Anyway, I haven't drank Asahi in years. Shit it's good beer. Don't know why I - right, it's fucking expensive in Malaysia. Am not a beer person but it's 1 out of 3 of my favourite. I really need to try Corona. The sort of beer my friends feed me are just vile...ew.

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