Wednesday, March 27

I hate being sobered. So much fun at the edge of getting tipsy.

Today's just shit. I mean in class. Just shit. Honestly the word for tonight's class is just shit.
Woke up feeling okay.
Didn't feel like going to class.
Went to class.
Friends said I look like I was on crack or alcohol. I felt stoned anyway.
Theory was okay damn lecturer's head for being so shinny and distractive.
Fady was fucking down. Made me feel like stuffing crack in his mouth.
Finished wayyyyyyyyy early.
Needed a drink. (I need to stop jinx-ing myself. If a drink satisfies myself for probably a week, I need to shut the f up cuz look at me today. Was so in need of a drink.)
Went drinking with the boys. The usual plus Alex and Jose.
I had 2 whisky with one fucking small ice each. I could drink it straight because it tasted like bourbon.
Bourbon sucks. Oh and a beer.
I didn't even have to pay for anything and Fady was 900 overdraft. Man I felt bad as but he wouldn't take my money.
I lost 20 bucks.
That 40 bucks I lost in 10 months. Fuck I hate myself. How do I do that honestly.

So happy I'm going to school tomorrow. I need school.

Here's a sex joke
because we all need some.
What comes after 69?

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