Monday, March 11


That's the word for !?


It has been ages.
Jessica Ling came to Auckland from Christchurch and I got to spend the day with her. Love her so much that precious thing. Too bad it was only for 5 hours.

School started.
I love school.
Bumped into sexy Mike a day before school started and his smile couldn't get any wider. I'm definitely a reminder of how sexy he is.
Been skyping Melissa so much recently. Too much love I can't. :')
Skyped Tinjan the other day too. Oh gosh, it has been too long and love him la omg. SO MUCH MALAYSIAN ACCENT AND LA(s). <3 I will forgive him for laughing at me for having - a proclaimed - guai lou accent. I don't, except when I say no.
I love saying no like an ang moh.

MAN WORK IS SO MUCH FUN. Love love love the rush and my work mates are fun.

Meeting Yu Jin this Saturday. Can't wait. x

Dad said yes to iPad Mini.
YESS OMG YEASSSSSSSSSS. AFTER MONTHS OF "AMANDA BUY ME". The best thing is I'm paying out of my own pocket.
Honestly, at first I though the Mini was gay.
Cuz it's puny.
But I actually went and checked it out and fuccccccccccck it's cute.
So Mini it is.
Puny device for puny hands of mine.

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