Tuesday, April 23

2 weeks holiday. ugh.

I love drunk people.

Especially the happy ones.

My phone died and it revived after 2 days. Holy shit you say? Holy shit it is.
So glad I don't have to buy a new one. I sort of want one but I don't need one.

I heard Arthur calling my name. I looked up from whatever I was doing and I saw him walking towards me with his arms wide open with his head tilled a little to his left and a smug perverted look on his face.
You should have seen my horrified face. What the fuck does that Russian want from me.
"Amanda come here" as he waved my shitty wraping skills in the air.
The aftermath was hilarious.
Got Arthur a cigar for his birthday. I made his day.
I hope Jane made his night.

I was working at Black Sabbath's 2nd concert yesterday and we've got some trouble. Friggin drunktards but it was all good. I was pretty chilled. Maybe cuz I like the sight of drunk people.


OKAY THAT'S IT, MOTHERFUCKER. I'VE ALREADY TOLD THAT CUNT FACE I HAVEN'T GOTTEN PAID. THAT WAS 4 DAYS AGO. MY PAY IS 2 MONTHS OVERDUE. Now, i'm gonna send him a firm and rational text to get my pay done. fucking douchebag. "Oh I've bought a new suit and i've not worn it yet"
You know how people get raped? Carrots and cucumber. I have got loads of carrots and cucumber.

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