Thursday, April 25

21 and Over

Met up with the boys today. Minus Fady, plus Andrei, plus Danny the Korean boy.

The boys were giving me peer pressure to drink the whole day. 23 more days! I can do it! If I made it through a day with a bunch of assholes (no they are not assholes) forcing me to drink, I CAN MAKE IT THROUGH 23 MORE DAY! Arthur even bought that raspberry wine I love just to fuck with me but I was strong.
Reject like a responsible adult. 

So I didn't cry,
I kept mumbling to myself,
I blanked out for an hour then passed out for an hour.
I've said some - apparently - really sad shit and Lee doesn't want to tell me cuz he's such a sweetheart and he's trying to protect me or something but fuck that boy he really need to tell me what I said.
Good guys don't finish last. No one wants a douchebag.
Lee and Fady saw me in my undergarments and I dont feel fucking embarrassed or somewhat.
I guess we are friends.

My mind is working like a tool. I'm on like a douche bag.

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