Sunday, April 7

And because I have been accused of losing weight to cause distraught for others.

For the past eleven no wait eight months.

For the past eight months, I have to say I am very blessed. Very blessed to be able to lose and gain weight as I like.
Actually no. It's very surprising. One day I'm fat the next thing I know by the end of the week I lost more than half a dozen kg without trying.
Or I had dinner RICE PORK(A LOOOOOTTTTT OF PORK) after 10:30 PM! 10:30pm!!!! Went to bed before 12. Before that 2 hour window for my bowel to digest my food. Woke up the next day feeling very skinny. Wore my skinny tight jeans and it was lose.
Or it took me 3 midnights of insane sushi eating to gain back a couple of kg in a week.
Or I didn't eat at all but gained heaps the next day.
It's driving me crazy. My weight is like the stock market. It's always up and down. My diet too. One day all I want is to eat the next day, I have no appetite.
I'm not into unstable relationship. This is a sinking ship. I don't know what the shit is happening.
Very blessed but it's just so frustrating. I just want to stay the same digits for the next 10 years please.

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