Monday, April 29

Day 11.

Robin Thicke's voice is the key to every woman's cave.

I had a wonderful burger.
Not the best but wonderful, delightful, omgosh it was good.
I still think about Ramly all the time.

The patty was juicy and omgosh, so much flavour. Each bite I took was wonderful. The gherkin was perfect and I couldn't really taste the tomato or the lettuce which was heaven-like for me. The patty and it's delicious sauce was the prime of every mouthful bite. The bun? Perfectly toasted with, I assume duck fat.
The fries were good cuz they used the right potato for the right dish.

Sky City paid for that meal because 30 bucks could have gotten me a bottle of Takara.
Then we went to Denny's because I wasn't full.
Breakfast meal for dinner. Epitome of happiness.

I was high that night. High on air.
David: This is her normal. Can you imagine her if she was actually high on weed?
"Will you be a happy high?"
David: If she's happy now, I reckon she would be depressed when she's actually high.

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