Friday, April 19

How my night went.

4 or 5 beers, shots shots shots of Rasberry wine(fuck it's good)and some sparkling vodka(????) - tasted so bad. Absolutely equivalent to cough syrup -
then I blanked out for 2 hours after Arthur bought me some whisky(I probably annihilated the whole bottle of Canadian Club) and more Rasberry wine. fuccccck it was good.
Poured a shot of whisky for Jose before blanking out and regained conscious to reality to Jane's pretty face.

I had more drinks than I remember. Much more.

I woke up at 3 am to pee and the first thought that went through my mind (forgive me) was where is my drink.
I woke up to no bra, no underwear, in Danny's shirt and I found my clothes soaked in my own puke and I can't remember a thing.
I woke up to smelling like Lee.
I woke up to remembering Lee holding me in his arms, his cheeks pressed agaisnt my head. Kept me warm the whole way in the bus. Held my hand as he walked me home. I'm so greatful for that boy .
My hair smells so bad, that you might have thought the boys used my hair as an ashtray and coster for their drinks.
I woke up to a huge bruise on my left thigh and an agonizing bruise on my upper right forhead.
I woke up to realizing I might have even flashed the boys.
Jane is the first to see my adult naked body.
I told Jane she deserves more but I don't mean it. Arthur is precious and he loves her so much and I was drunk. You don't listen to a drunk person.

Happy birthday, Arthur. x
Utterly Arthurly Arthur.

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