Monday, April 15

No more night classes. Boo hoo.

Arthur's birthday is this Thursday. I haven't bought him anything yet. Hmmmm. I've got a birthday card. I wonder if I could buy lose cigars. Oh man he would love it.

Planned to hang at Artery's place after school on Thursday. DAMN IT WE ARE DOING OUR ASSESSMENT ITEM ON THAT DAY. :(

Lee surprised me out of the blue with "Amanda, my dick is fine now so we could know, you and me...;)" HAHHAHAHA I guess Fady was right. Lee did jerked off too much to get that bladder problem.

If one more of my bros tries to jokingly harrass(VERBAL WISE) me, I think I will go gay. I don't get sexually harrassed; I sexually harrass others with my bros.
It's just not fun being the victim. :( okayyyyy Karma does exist.


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