Wednesday, April 3

Sexy Mike's number 1 fan.

Screw my lecturer for calling in sick last minute. I'm not even kidding you how last minute is it. I was on the bus when I got the news. Waste of time really.
Okay not really.
Went drinking with the boys. Kelly was there this time.
I swear I really have to start exercising every night or I'll have a belly.

Had my first whiff today. Had to roll it myself.
Calm yo tits.
It's a cigg.
It tastes like grill. Like I chugged some charcoal down my throath. It wasn't as bad as it smells. Fady changed his ciggs to Malboro. I miss the previous ones he smoked. :( smells good k.

Smoking is still bad!
Don't smoke, guys!

Louis was there before i reached and then Chef Kevin came late. Lee wasn't there because he was getting pissed with his relatives.
Louis's such a sweetie pie.

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