Thursday, May 16

Ahh I still can't believe how happy Fady was. <3

Besides him pissing me off,

today was such a good day.
Got Geoff today, made sushi and tamagoyaki the whole day and FADY'S HAPPY. I love it when he's happy. Lights my day up. Like literally. I hate it when he's in no mood. Happy Fady is the best.

Then Danny made sushi and onigiri for some people and they all push it to Elaine because he has got the fattest crush on her.

Geoff was explaining the tempura batter on one side of the kitchen and on the other side, Fady and I was watching Danny make a panda bear onigiri. Then the number of people escalated.
"How is this more interesting than Geoff explaining about tempura."

Walked around the kitchen with the panda bear onigiri, chasing after Elaine. Lol she was so scared I swear. Fady shouted YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANT HIDE. Lol I died.

I dont know who shouted TEMPURA BATTER THE PANDA BEAR but I did it. Fady told me what a hard core bitch I am. Like I said, Happy Fady is the best.
It colasped before I could put it into the fat fryer. :(

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