Tuesday, May 14

Dating me would be like dating a guy.

The boys are back. I swear it hasn't been just the 4 of us in ages.
For the first time I wish I didn't hang out with the boys.
Too depressing. Candy Crush, Tumblr and better music than what Brooklyn was playing sounds much better.

I'm wearing this tank top and it keeps slipping down. So annoying. Not idealy when Arthur's being super horny today.

And um Lee's cramping my style. Told me my accent changed a little. Well that's a good thing so I can change it back. Don't want to lose the second only thing super Asian about me.
1st is my face and it's forever mega Asian.
Except I don't know how should I sound like. Lol I suck. I sound like an Asian. Don't know what is he talking about.

Lee can't tell me heaps of stuffs beause I'm a girl. That's gay.

"I think you're gay. You haven't had any guy in months. Even Kellie got a guy. HOW ABOUT YOUR SEXUAL NEEDS."
Gosh bless that Russian soul.

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