Wednesday, May 8


had a drink. TWICE. wtf how is that even possible.
*almost drank* "oh no, Amanda you can't drink. Diet, remember?"
Half an hour later, *almost drank, again*

Wtfffffffffffff. I hate myself.
What a close call. 13 MORE DAYS.
I am a responsible youth. I can do this shit. One direction towards anti alcoholism.
Loving the taste of alcohol doesn't make you an alcoholic if you drink responsibly. (okay this will be my slogan one day for something relevant)

The lady who comments over most badminton games for the past couple years now is the worst sport broadcaster in history. That woman is just fucking annoying. I haven't watch a single badminton game in months and I can play her voice in my head as if I just heard it yesterday.

A bunch of lady-customers-smokers was at the back of the restaurant as I tried to push through a cart of empty wine bottles, one of them offered to help me as the road was bumpy and slantered and the bottles almost fell and I said 'fuck' out loud.
They had such a good laugh. They can swear!
I do not know what does that mean but beats me as long as they are happy. Hopefully they would come back.

Aiya they will sure win la. I'm too tired to wait for the result. Goodnight.

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