Sunday, May 12

You sicken me; sexist

Okay please go to every boxing gym and tell the females to quit boxing and be more girl-like because boxing is not.
Fooling around is not. Having fun is not.
What is it to be a girl, tell me. Is it all tiaras and pink and skirts and dress and heels with no humour and to laugh and giggle to everything a man says.
Look at girls now.
Honestly if was the other way round, if I was brought up a total girl, I would be a really shallow, vain, narcissistic, materialistic mofo who dresses like a whore. Even prostitutes in the 20s look more appropriate. (sorry)
My line of work don't require me to be gentle and soft. I'll die in the industry if I am. I like pink and i like dresses. I do not need a c*** like you to defy myself.

It's not too late to grow up.
Growing up is not just about having a job, a marriage, kids and insurance. (lol, insurance. Can I get a holler?)

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