Thursday, June 27

Fuck you life

I have half a bottle of sparkling vodka, a bottle of schnapp and some ridiculously homebrew tasting beer called Fat Yak in my room. And im saving them for a rainy day. Except EVERY FUCKING DAY IS A RAINY DAY. I JUST WANNA ANNIHILATE THEM. GOSH LIFE IS JUST, BLUGGHHH.
I have exam tomorrow. Then work at night. Sounds good except I cant stop playing online poker and am resisting the urge to watch Breaking Bad.
Schnapps and wine will defo be in my weekly shopping list when I live by myself. I don't know how I survived only on monthly dose. Or even longer. A bottle of whisky on monthly base or fortnight.
Okay, monthly base because I really love whisky and I cant overdose myself on that.

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