Tuesday, June 4

Note to self, again: Give Lee more attention.

Was suppose to go to the library to do my assignment but I ended up hanging with the boys plus Danny. :( Now I have to do it instead of watching Lost in Translation.

Arthur hasn't verbally-sexual harassed anybody for a few weeks now. Doesn't feel right at all.

Okay best thing about today is Danny stopping his beer from overflowing. The way he puts his mouth over the rim while foam ooze out from the side, omgosh.

And how he kept talking about misplacing his foreskin and women circumcision and asking me why do Asian female keep camwhoring with the peace sign and why do women take naked photos of themselves.

I don't know what's going on about this guy but he bought drinks for us today.
Someone asked him not to ask me cuz I'm not a girl. :(

Arthur's outfit for today blew my mind away.
Honestly he was just asking for it.
The beard, his hat, that stupid looking 3 dollar jacket and those gloves.

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