Monday, June 10

That fat lady wanted me good.

I bought fries at McD. Waiting number: 39.


Hey, i was busy talking to Lee about the porn industry's wage.
I am already being teased about so many things. I wonder how long will this one last.

Fady was tellin me how he and Lee saw this Asian girl eating her chips real slow and sensually. AND COINCIDENTLY, there was this Chinese chick next to our table eating her fries slowly and sensually.
I honestly couldn't take my eyes away. I wasn't turned on but the fuck. why does it take someone 5 secs to push one fry into their mouth.

Fady didn't tell us when she was eating her burger. Apparently it's way sensual. Bloody guy kept it to himself.

New hobby: watching Asian girls eat fries. And it has to be French fries. Can't be the fat ones.

"Hobby? It's mine and Fady's life!"

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