Friday, June 28

Then I went to work. Award for fastest sobering goes to me.



I don't remember taking half of those photos. And I meant by the ones with Arthur. I only remember taking one. Took extra photos of him because he has none for his instagram and I remembered. I'm such a good friend. Lol.
Should have taken a picture with the new girl but Arthur wouldnt let me go. I don't know which fucker came up with the name Kyle for her but i love it.
Fady was entertaining 2 girls. He's always surrounded by girls. Girls loves the Fadester.

 Arthur kept picking me up and setting me on his lap. And we camwhored, apparently. I remember him asking for more. What a camwhore. Hahhaha I love my playmate.
I dont remember what was Lee, Rita and Jose were doing.
Andrei left, Danny left, Kellie left then Kyle left! Ran to keep her from leaving. I must really like her. THEN CAME WEBBER. FUCK I MISS WEBBER. Fady was on about how much he misses Webber and you don't normally get such things said from Fady. 

Fucking Arthur spinned me in the air again. And I crashed onto tar road. I think I layed there for awhile before Arthur picked me up.
Bruised my knee. Must be from Arthur.

From 11 to 5.
Kyle said it was too early. I told her there's never a right time to drink. Anytime is the right time.
Great people, great time. x

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