Thursday, July 4

& Iron & Wine.

I stopped listening For Emma Forever Ago for a while now. Until 5 minutes ago.

Fell in love all over again. Drowning my soul in Justin Vernon's voice. Just realized I havent checked out Bon Iver's other albums because im too serenaded by For Emma Forever Ago.

Skyped Zoe for the first time ever since I came here. It was so good to see her face. 90% of our conversation was about alcohol hahahahahahhahaha omgosh ♡. "I learn all sort of alcohol through songs." She said a couple more of hilarious shit but i was too busy laughing and by the time i stopped, I couldnt remember. Drinking date over Skype because we can hahahhahahaha because we are a couple of bozos. Drinking session over skype, who would have thought of that  Lololololololol. *cough ZOE cough*
3 hours was not enough.

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