Friday, July 26

Little One

Okay most of my posts will now be about my new lecturer, Glenn because he's such a fucking cheeky troll at the age of 58.

Love love love when Pandora plays the right song. Btw, The Killers are prolly the best station look up for.

Are you the smallest in the class?
Why are you sweating? You haven't even started yet. I'm taking 5 points off you.
Little One...
Do you drive? No? Is it because you can't see over the dashboard?! Hahaha.
Lose 2kgs by next week or I'll fail you.
*classmate washing dishes* STOP. STOP STOP STOP. *passes the water bottle* Drink! Wait, wait. *wipes her forehead*
Little One, cut that foccacia into 2. *dumps it next to Gloria* That's for having 4 kids. Go nuts.

Yet to think of a nickname for him. Don't think he'll stop calling me Little One. The boys are gonna tease me. Fuck me I'm gonna find a hole to bury my face now.

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