Sunday, August 25

I love our conversations.

Arthur and I had one of our conversation. Our conversations are not superficial. Have always enjoyed our conversations. He told me that he wants a simple life. A little like the Amish people minus the whole no electricity crap. And churning butter. Fuck we have machines for that. Invented to curb our laziness for an easier life.
Can I say that Amish people are the most hardworking fuckers on earth? Sorry Japan, you have been outbid. The last 2 sentences are absolute rubbish. No, I'm an absolute rubbish.

I didn't tell him that I once wish for the same thing when I was 16 / 17.

He said he never once thought of suiciding. Never and if you know him, it's pretty shocking. I'm taking it as a bullshit. That boy just oozes out down-buzz(s). No one is as unenthusiastic as he is. He hates people in general. Likes individuals but hates people.

I have never found someone who is so similar to the deep down person inside of me. I've not reach his level of life yet but one day I will. Hopefully not. Life ruins you and it changes the person within you. Take note.

I like how I don't really need to hide behind a happy face when I'm with my friends here. They don't know who I was or sometimes what I really am. It feels so simple.
Arthur said those people are not friends. What do I know about them. He kept quiet but I know what was the end of that sentence.

Glenn thought I was somewhere in my early to mid 20s. In ways, it's sad but I'm smiling right now.

Binge eating again. Gotta stop. Need to stop. Glad to stop but I can't stop.

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