Friday, August 9

Panilla biscuits.

I'm a spinster in training.
You know what? You don't need training at all!

I should have told him what's the nicest thing Arthur said to me; your face is a birth control.

When we go up to class, you girls(Vietnamese girl and I) and that Hong Kong lady will share a bench together.
I don't want you girls to mix with the boys. *Something about preserving oneselves.*
But they are bros!
I still don't want you to -
I have self discipline, Glenn.

Fucking troll. x

I left my whisk over night (sad face me) and some fucker took it. Told Glenn and he gave me an extra whisk of his.
LITTLE ONE, did you keep your whisk? Lose it and I'll kill you.

Okay he called me Little One today; also Amanda but I didn't correct him because I don't wanna be a kill joy. Whatever makes that old man happy.

I cant wait to be old. He gets away with anything. He gets away with being a troll,
Sarcastically cynical.

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