Friday, August 23

Parts of Arthur's food safety assignment.

Parts of it because I was too busy fucking laughing at this boy as he read it out loud to us. Epic.

I as someone who has no personal hygiene should not be let into any premises.

I did not probe the chicken schnitzel because no one has time to probe something that is less than a cm thick.

I found a bag of chicken schnitzels with a reasonable amout layers of slime. So I took the 'corrective action' and recrumbed them and served it to a family of three children. 

Arthur (Artur) Kamnev
Dictated but not read

I want to drown myself in my own tears. This boy is golden.
Alda didn't even bothered to comment on it. I hope she had a good laugh.
I need to get my hand on the soft copy.

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