Saturday, August 10

Street food street market.

Jay and I with our sago pudding.

So I introduced 1/2 of my fav people in NZ. It went well. :3 Really happy it did and it wasn't awkward at all because none of them are. I'm the awkward one. Lee and I kept talking about our classmates because they are a bunch of fucktards. ♥

The other 2 more are Glenn and Arthur. One day Jay and Arthur will meet. I'll make that happen.
Glenn would be more happy if he meets Jay.
Can't wait for Monday class. Cutie Glenn.♡

Went to some street food street market. Food's alright but it wasn't street food price.

If you are a female and you resemble most of what I hate in women, it doesn't matter. I can't hate you. My heart is already yours. There's something more in you that i love that can be looked through all the things I hate about women and the list is long.

Lol I still don't like women. Even after all these years. That's why the term 'scarred for life' exists.

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