Saturday, September 28

Me being such a dickhead.

Mel tweeted this photo and I was thinking oh lord not that drink.
My first experience with Rekorderlig was when I climbed into Lee's car and he just dumped that huge ass bottle on my lap. It was strawberry instead of peach.
My taste buds died a little after my first sip.
Lee said Kayla loves that shit. Whatever that is fucking sweet of a fucking abnormal ingredients is categorized under vagina drink.
Remember, you first heard that term here. Vagina drink; scientifically proven by me.
As much as I love peach schnapps, it's pretty much a vagina drink.

Mel tweeted I've had Rekorderlig cider and it tastes like juice.
And in reply I wrote "It tastes like a bunch of vagina gathered to brew. "

I rarely praise myself but that is gold. Gonna tell Lee when he's done with his time of the month.

Haven't crave for booze for a fortnight now. Such great news.

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