Monday, September 16

You're funny.

Dee came up to me, place his head on my tummy and gave me the cheekiest smile ever. 

There was no champagne and fireworks but the time spent was just so precious.

Monday - movies at Lee's.

Tuesday - work then got fucking drunk with Arthur and Lee till 3am.

Wednesday - work then to Lee's till 3am.

Sat - work then a really mean feed in the middle of the night.


My first ever Sunday Roast. Lee invited Kyle and I to his aunt's place.
Lee picked me up and we went to buy some alcohol for everyone.
Day started off with a shot of whiskey with the adults and getting to know the kids.
There's this blond 2 year old kid who came up to me and started smiling in my face with chocolate in and all around his mouth.
CUTE. The friendliest bugger.

Lee's amazing BBQ ribs
drinks drinks drinks drinks drinks drinks drinks
Kyle's fascination with Lee's nipples
Lee's forever high 68 y/o uncle, Bob.

THE CUTEST KIDS. 2, 4 AND 8. Devon was going around calling everyone Bob and saying "You're funnyyyyyy". I am never dating a dude with kids. Screw the guy, I might fall in love with the kids.

Lee and Kyle was up in the treehouse talking and I was - imagine a buzzed person with a shot (cuz they would give her a proper cup) of whiskey in her left hand sitting/leaning against the edge of the trampoline while preaching bacon to the kids. Well and played with them too. I never got up and jump though. 
At a point Devon(2 y/o) and Cooper (4 y/o) just flopped down next to me listening to me talk nonsense to them.
"Hold up guys. Stop bouncing. I need to go refill my cup." They stopped. Such amazing kids. Brought up the right way.

Then I joined Lee and Kyle. I was pretty drunk then and they were fucking rough with me. Kyle has a video of me talking about FUCKING WOMEN WHEN THEY SAY YES IT MEANS NO AND WHEN THEY SAY NO IT MEANS YES. I DON'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND THEM.

Dinner was sublime. Only uncle Bob, Lee, Kyle and I stayed for dinner.
After dinner, we all cuddled and watched tv.
Kyle on the couch. Lee on the bed next to the couch, me in between Lee's legs, Cooper and Zade on Lee's other side.
Dee, come here!
He ran to me in his cute short legs with his tiny arms waving frantically beside him.
Got under the blanket with me with his head rested on my arm. He got up to go do something. Didn't expect him to come back to me but he did.
I rested my hand on his tummy and he cupped his tiny hand on mine. After a while, his tiny hand explored my hand, palm and my fingers. Then back to the back of my hand. Stroking it from time to time.

I might have just experienced pure, innocent love you can't buy with all the money in the world.
All I did was give him chocolate, feed him my spare ribs and play with him. In return, he gave me love.

Lee, Kyle and I were pretty tired after a whole day of drinking.
"Dad, we put the adults to sleep!"
The kids and their parents did a little celebration roar.

I was drinking the whole day, got a little drunk and was cuddling in between their nephew's legs. There was no judging, no faces made, no asking 'so are you his girlfriend?' or keeping their kids away from me.
I don't care if they are not married with 3 kids together.
I don't know much about them. Didn't get to talk to them much but they raised their kids right.

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