Wednesday, October 9


Drinks after class. A friend was smoking outside the bar and i kept him accompany. Some dude came up to us to use our lighter. Started chating up. He was looking for a chef job. Told him Bluestone might be still hiring (I would apply for it if i don't drink there). Unfortunately he didn't know where the hell is it and as a nice fella, I offered to take him there. I had time and I wanted a walk.

Peter was his name. Could be in his mid 40s. Been chefing his whole life. Lost his boat, passport and everything to the sea a few years ago. Had to come back to NZ to start all over again. Currently attending some chefing school in NZ. We talked about how when the government started immigration, the British, Russians and a few more races started coming in and how these days it's all about the black and white.

Lighters, guys. What a wonderful thing.

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